We offer in person and online tutoring for students K-12 and into college.

Schuyler manages Tacoma Tutoring Services and incorporates 4 years of tutor referral management experience in Seattle. In addition, he has several years of tutoring himself.

We aim to quickly refer top tutors to families throughout the puget sound area that can ease the stress school creates.

We try to offer a variety of tutors to meet all needs–from executive functioning help for middle schoolers to AP Calc, Bio, Chem and Physics. If there is something not listed, please feel free to reach out as we are happy to help you find resources even if we are not the best fit for you.



How much are sessions?

Typically $55-75 depending on location (online or in person neighborhood) and subject.

Do you sell packages?


Do I have to commit to a certain number of sessions?


What are the most common reasons clients higher tutors?
  1. Kids may work better w/ a neutral party than parents
  2. Subject specific skills in advanced math, physics and chemistry
  3. Algebra 2 is the most commonly tutored course
How long have you managed a tutoring business

I started managing tutors in 2017 in Seattle. Prior to that I worked in biological research.

Do you run background checks?

Yes, they consist of several components: We hire a company and they check national and local databases. It is not simply an automated process. Direct from the vendor:

100% Of Our Reports Are Audited.

For over two decades, our team has developed relationships at local, state, and federal courthouses, and with government agencies across the globe. Our unique internal process checks information at six different touch points to reduce the risk of errors and assure quality.


What do you do besides background checks?

We comb through countless applications and even non-applicants to find and recruit the best tutors. All tutors hired have had:

  1. Interview
  2. Minimum of two references checked
  3. Background check


We have been working with Schuyler for 4 years. We have four daughters and we started using math tutors when they were in elementary school. Schuyler has connected us with several tutors who came to our house and helped the girls with homework, reinforcing concepts taught in school and teaching ahead for some of our girls who were bored at school….Schulyer helped us find another tutor who could develop and teach math curriculum to our girls. We loved the tutor that Schuyler provided… He developed three different curriculums and met with our girls over Zoom, addressing each of their learning needs individually. I highly recommend Schuyler’s services, they have been invaluable for us and our girls.



The tutoring is going really well. We absolutely love Sydney. She is flexible with the kids’ needs and very invested in helping them succeed. We couldn’t be happier



Used them for three years. Always very helpful and receptive to our students needs. Very highly recommended! Got into 6 (and counting) very good schools!



Setup your first hour of tutoring sessions

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(253) 263-4982


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